Celebrate the Summer Solstice up at the Farm by kicking off our first Field Day! 

Field Days are open farm days that are free to the public. Each Field Day is structured to have a series of workshops, a community brown bag lunch, and tours of the Farm. Its an opportunity for all who are interested to come and experience the Farm, see what we're growing and explore what we're doing! 


Summer Solstice occurs midsummer when the sun reaches its northern most position in the sky for the Northern Hemisphere. (that’s us in North America!) On this day, we experience a significant turning point in the year— as the longest day in the year, each day starts getting shorter and the nights longer after the summer solstice. This time is associated with change, nature and new beginnings. At the Farm we will celebrate the solstice with a Field Day where we will focus on shifting gears in your own urban farm and the basics for how to harness the natural resources available such as sunlight, water and plant material to grow your own plants!


  • 10a meet at the Farm
  • 10a-12noon Workshops: Rainwater Harvesting, Global Carbon Cycle, Backyard Composting
  • 12noon BYO Brown Bag Lunch
  • 12:30p Tours of the Urban Farm
  • 1p Self-Guided Tours of Downing Park / Newburgh's Community Gardens



Water is a valuable resource and we are actively promoting water conservation. So how do you water your garden when there is a water restriction? With harvested rainwater!! Get introduced to the basics of rainwater collection and storage as well as how to implement a rainwater harvesting solution for irrigation in the urban context. Philip Prinzivalli of Newburgh's Conservation Advisory Council will co-lead the workshop on how to build your own affordable rainwater harvesting system. 

Learn how to start your own Backyard Compost Pile. Cold Composting is a good introduction into composting and requires minimal effort to produce compost over the course of one to two years. Starting a cold compost pile is an essential first step to nutrient rich soil for growing your urban garden. Get the scoop from our farm manager, Marcel, on what to throw into the pile and what to keep out, and lay the foundation with good compost for your plants.


let us know you're coming, and bring along others with you!