Field Day at Downing Park Urban Farm: Saturday, July 30th 10:00am – Noon


“To become a successful sustainable beekeeper is not a hobby, it is a passion”. Rodney W. Dow

Master beekeeper Rodney Dow will relate what it takes to become a successful beekeeper.   This workshop is for beginners as well as seasoned veterans of the bee world.  Rodney will discuss how to get a hive off to a good start, how to make it thrive and how to build the population and keep it from swarming.

Rodney Dow has made a lifetime commitment to studying, researching and working with Apis Mellifera, the Honey Bee. Rodney was a professor of Agriculture at SUNY Farmingdale where he taught Apiculture in addition to many other classes.


Many people are already familiar with the need to restore native plant communities to safeguard our shared ecological heritage. Less well known is the potential for habitat restoration to sequester carbon. Using his extensive first hand experience, Ecological Designer Bryan Quinn will introduce these concepts while providing concrete example of specific plants and restoration techniques suitable for the Hudson Valley. 

Bryan Quinn is the founder and principal of One Nature. Technically trained in restoration ecology, environmental philosophy and landscape architecture, his vision is a world where our development activities improve the environment. Bryan leads a small team of environmental professionals dedicated to building, designing, and growing projects that heal the planet.

The presentation is free. For more information email: