Field Day at Downing Park Urban Farm
Test Your Garden Soil for Lead & Heavy Metals

Come and find out if your garden soil has heavy metal contamination. We'll have an XRF testing machine on hand to test your soil to see if it's safe.  We'll also discuss ways to address soil contamination if that is indeed the case.  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at 207 Carpenter Avenue in Newburgh.  Saturday the 24th...Soil testing is a great way to measure the health of your garden soil and will help you grow healthy food.

Tatiana Morin, Director/Laboratory Manager of the New York City Urban Institutes (USI) will be leading an informal discussion on understanding urban soils; how to build soil health; and ways to deal with, and mitigate or eliminate exposure to contaminants.

Participants are encouraged to bring samples* of their garden soil and have it tested for lead, and other heavy metals.  There is no fee for the test.

 * How to take a soil sample in your garden:
•    Use a clear one-quart zip-lock bag.
•    Use a spade or trowel to take small samples of soil from 10 or more random spots in your garden or where you want to plant your garden. For very small areas, a minimum of 3 spots is recommended.
•    Sampling depth should be from the top to 6-8 inches deep and be a slice of soil about one inch thick.
•    Mix all 10 samples in a bucket. Remove pebbles, leaves and plant roots.
•    Fill the zip-lock bag with a sample of the soil in the bucket and label the bag with the location of where the sample was taken.
•    If the soil samples are wet air-dry them at room temperature before putting them in the plastic bag.