Volunteer Opportunity

Garlic Harvest at the Farm   Thursday, July 13 6-8 pm

Help DPUF bring in the Garlic and learn how to harvest your own

When is my garlic ready to harvest and how do I cure it?

"If you are unsure if your garlic is ready to harvest, look for about 3 to 4 dried leaves at the bottom of the plant and dig up a bulb to see if it has sized up and has individual cloves surrounded by 'papering'.  If they are ready to harvest, dig the bulbs up carefully with a garden fork or shovel.  Knock off the soil, being careful not to hit the bulb, leaving the roots and stems on the plant.  Cure them out of the sun in a place with good air circulation.  You can use fans to improve air flow.  From Tricia at Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply (www.GrowOrganic.com)

Dig up one of your plants and bring it to the Garlic Harvest for advice on its readiness